Group Training

These are great for regular practice and working around
the distraction of other dogs in a safe environment.

Essential Puppy Power Classes.

6 weeks of of classes, either delivered in-person (restrictions dependant) or via Zoom.

Perfect for puppies between 8-20 weeks of age.

Have the chance to upgrade to Essential Puppy Power Up Course which includes a tutor supported Home Study course (see courses page for full list of topics).

Topics include:

  • How puppies learn and what motivates them
  • How to read their Body Language
  • Toilet Training
  • Socialisation
  • Mouthing and Biting
  • Appropriate Human Greetings
  • Settling and being Calm
  • Jumping Up
  • Recall Games
  • Walking nicely on the Lead
  • Foundation Behaviours for Basic Obedience
  • Confidence Course

Cost £80 for the Puppy Power Classes

Cost £120 to upgrade to the Essential Puppy Power Up Course (see courses page)

Essential Puppy Improvers Classes.

6 weeks of classes delivered in-person (restrictions dependant).

Perfect for puppies from 20 weeks that have already taken the Essential Power Class. This would also be suitable for this age group of puppies that have had no prior training.

Topics include:

  • Revisiting the Basics
  • Regaining Focus
  • Magic Manners
  • Impulse Control Games
  • Revamping the Recall
  • Settling and being Calm
  • Eye Contact
  • Walking nicely on a Lead
  • Mental Stimulation and Enrichment
  • Tricks
  • Confirming previous Learnt Cues
  • Introducing the 3 D’s – Duration, Distraction and Distance
  • How to deal with Unwanted Behaviour
  • How to avoid Common Problems
  • How to Troubleshoot Problems

Cost £80